Chapel Services

Overview Of Our Chapel Services

  • Broadcast wedding ceremonies live, as they happen, on the internet
  • Wedding ceremonies are archived for On-Demand viewing.
  • All weddings are viewed on the Chapel’s branded wedding page
  • Wedding amenities are featured in an interactive Flash commercial preceding each ceremony.
  • Wedding invitations are e-mailed. Double opt-in e-mail system
  • NEW! State-Of-The-Art - Mobile (Portable) Videography Studio

E-commerce Benefits For Chapels

Features are built inside the player

  • Opt-In: Names and email addresses for marketing purposes.
  • Now you have a new database that you can market to new clients that you would never have had.
  • You can offer package deals to generate new clientele and new revenues.
  • While watching the wedding there will be vendors advertising so that viewers can purchase gifts for the couple with ease.
  • Now you have a 3rd avenue generating revenue
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Why Our Webcasting Services?

  • Live webcasts include everyone. Relatives overseas, elderly family members, or friends for whom travel isn’t an option will all be able to enjoy the ceremonies online.
  • Live webcasts preserve memories. Your chapels wedding webcasts will be delivered live in real time – but it will also be recorded  for on-demand viewing.
  • Live webcasts can save your clients money on lodging, travel, food, and more. So in return, now they will have extra funds to spend elsewhere. For example: with your Hotel and/or Chapel Services.
  • MyWedCast will create a fully branded, multi-functional live or on-demand video webcast of your chapels weddings to suit the specific needs of your chapel.